Mini Gold Building- Product Development

Build a miniature golf course out of the given material and make maximum putting.

The team will be equipped with the required setup for building a miniature golf course. Team to get approval from the coordinator of the structure and final competition.

Many hours are spent on updating the planning and strategy of building a miniature of golf at your workplace to see the magic happening at the end of the event. This will spread across banquet, outdoor, and office spaces to have a big knock in the end.

The team will be awarded a material list and then the team is required to purchase all these materials with virtual money. That budget is limited and the task is the same for all the teams, now the only question is how efficiently you are building the miniature and spending less amount on material and more energy on the golf course.

Once the design is approved and the buying process is done, you can start the actual placement of materials to build the gold course. Each task has a designated time and that time is only to be used for that action, no extra time is allowed you need to stop at whatever point your team is on.

Now each miniature should have at least 3 putting holes and 4 obstacle rounds. At each round obstacles will be changed and the putting to be started. Each round collects maximum points. The last round is to be played by each member with one mandatory chance.

Key Takeaways:

Silos– It may be a department, teammates, Client organization, or hierarchy if there is the presence of silos in any of the places there is a problem with organizational goals and it is hurting that process badly.

An open line of communication- Every member of the team should feel free to give his/her input, seek help concerning work, and personal life, and raise a query related to the work portfolio. 

Project Management: This exercise helps the team meet desired outcomes, when hoping on to new projects, pushing boundaries, bringing innovation, team building and collaboration, and more importantly reconciliation.

Looking at the bigger picture- You may end up in a task in which you are not fully prepared but trust the process and look at what you are assigned, nurture the object you will end up with the most beautiful outcome of your career.

Trust- Trust is the very inevitable objective of any organization, the absence of trust leads to hampering the flow of business, ethics, and morals and a lack of encouragement, and the right motivation for the fellow team.

Mini Golf

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