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Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking is taking care of issues through a roundabout and innovative methodology, utilizing thinking that isn’t promptly clear and including thoughts that may not be reachable by utilizing just conventional bit-by-bit rationale. The term was authored in 1967 by Edward de Bono. 

As per de Bono, sidelong reasoning purposely removes itself from a standard impression of innovativeness as either a “vertical” rationale (the exemplary technique for critical thinking: working out the arrangement bit by bit from the given information) or a “flat” creative mind (having numerous thoughts yet being uninterested with the itemized execution of them). 


Critical thinking is fundamentally worried with making a decision about the genuine estimation of proclamations and looking for blunders. Lateral thinking is more worried about the “development esteem” of articulations and thoughts. An individual uses horizontal speculation to move from one known plan to making ground-breaking thoughts. Edward de Bono characterizes four kinds of reasoning apparatuses: 

  1. Idea-producing devices proposed to break current reasoning examples—routine examples, business-as-usual 
  2. Focus instruments planned to widen where to look for novel thoughts 
  3. 3. Harvest apparatuses planned to guarantee more esteem is gotten from thought-creating yield 
  4. Treatment instruments that advance the thought of true requirements, assets, and backing. 

Arbitrary Entry Idea Generating Tool: The scholar picks an article indiscriminately, or a thing from a word reference, and connects it with the territory they are contemplating. 

Incitement Idea Generating Tool: The utilization of any of the incitement strategies—unrealistic reasoning, embellishment, inversion, departure, contortion, or emerging. The mastermind makes a rundown of incitements and afterward utilizes the most extraordinary ones to push their intuition ahead to ground-breaking thoughts. 

Development Techniques: The mastermind creates incitement activities by the accompanying strategies: extricate a rule, center around the distinction, second to second, positive angles, and extraordinary conditions. 

Challenge Idea Generating Tool: A device proposed to represent the request “Why?” in a non-bargaining way: why something exists, why it is done how it is. The result is an away from “Why?” which ordinarily prompts new groundbreaking considerations. The objective is to have the option to challenge anything by any stretch of the imagination, not simply things that are issues. For instance, one could challenge the handles on espresso cups. The explanation behind the handle is by all accounts that the cup is frequently too hot to even consider holding straightforwardly. Maybe espresso cups could be made with protected finger grasps, or there could be discrete espresso mug holders like lager holders. 

Idea Fan Idea Generating Tool: Ideas do ideas. This instrument methodically grows the reach and number of ideas to wind up with an exceptionally expansive scope of thoughts to consider. 

Refuting: Based on the possibility that the larger part is never right (as proposed by Henrik Ibsen and by John Kenneth Galbraith), take whatever is evident and by and large acknowledged as “abandons saying,” question it, take a contrary view, and attempt to invalidate it convincingly. This strategy is like de Bono’s “Dark Hat” of Six Thinking Hats, which takes a gander at how something won’t function. 

Inspiration for the tool was taken by Edward de Bono

Lateral thinking and problem-solving:

Critical thinking: When something makes an issue, the circumstance’s presentation or business as usual drops. Critical thinking manages to discover what made the issue and afterward sort out ways to fix the issue. The goal is to get the circumstance to where it ought to be. For instance, a creation line has a set-up run pace of 1000 things for every hour. Unexpectedly, the run rate drops to 800 things for each hour. Thoughts concerning why this occurred and answers for fixing the creation line should be considered, for example, giving the laborer a salary increase. 

Innovative Problem Solving: Using imagination, one should tackle an issue by implication and unusually. For instance, if a creation line delivered 1000 books for each hour, inventive critical thinking could discover approaches to deliver more books every hour, utilize the creation line, or diminish the expense of running the creation line. 

Inventive Problem Identification: Many of the best non-mechanical developments are distinguished while understanding an improved processor plan in ordinary articles and assignments either by incidental possibility or by contemplating and recording this present reality experience. 

Horizontal Problem “Settling”: Lateral reasoning will regularly deliver arrangements whereby the issue shows up as “self-evident” looking back. That parallel reasoning will regularly prompt issues that you never realized you had, or it will take care of straightforward issues that have enormous potential. For instance, if a creation line delivered 1000 books for each hour, parallel reasoning may propose that a drop in yield to 800 would prompt better, more propelled laborers, and so on 

Horizontal reasoning riddles: These are puzzles that should show what the issue here is. In any case, any riddle that has just a single arrangement is “not” parallel. While sidelong reasoning may help you build such riddles, the parallel reasoning instruments will only from time to time assist you with addressing puzzles.

Lateral thinking puzzles that challenge your preconceptions.

  1. You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night when you pass by a bus stop, and you see three people waiting for the bus:
  2. An old lady looks as if she is about to die.
  3. An old friend who once saved your life.
  4. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Knowing that there can only be one passenger in your car, whom would you choose?

Lateral Thinking

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