Grapes Stomping

When it was just a spending day at farms, offices, or lumber yards earning was just a primary thumb rule of living and then there were entrainment sectors that started to find their way up, carnival, sport, cultural engagement, etc. Folk dance and cultural talent were the primary entrainment source. In all those among activity wine were most popular drink after rum and it was easy to make and there it was popular amongst local of stomping grapes.

It was the traditional way of winemaking avoiding technical mechanism methods, grapes were crushed by foot in half wine barrel planter to release their juices and begin fermentation.

 Popularity was hitting its peak in those days and same time people had found another way of entertainment. This is one activity that is guaranteed to bring out the child in you. The very thought of stomping fresh juicy grapes, which in normal course would be unthinkable, makes people gasp and giggle in pleasure!

Youphoria and Hospitality & Outdoors now bring this interesting activity to all passionate players, through their very own unique challenge that can be run at selective locations. The session starts with music, wine tasting with an expert sommelier, food with a chef, art camp with experts to make it more experiential, participants are introduced to different wines – red, white, sparkling, and sweet to have a better understanding and winemaker gets to introduce their new products.

Once these basic introductions are made, the team will have different challenges each time right from the test of the wine and then they have to identify its make from a color, test, look, and smell. Youphoria Hospitality and Outdoor will make sure the team gets new challenges every time they step into the game. Teams need to negotiate more challenges, only after which they qualify to move towards the vats (Half wine barrel planter) where the grapes await them. 

As the teams soon realize, winning The Grape Stomping Calls for much more than just stomping on grapes. It calls for intellectual dexterity, teamwork, the willingness to get one’s hands and feet dirty, a healthy sense of fun and candor & taking your team along. Seeing your usually proper work colleagues all mucked up in grape pulp, enjoying their rise & fall…. and fall again – is priceless! So if you don’t mind getting dirty together with your colleagues, do something against the wind today – invite your team to crush the grapes, just the way it was done in days gone by. Most of our Grape Stomping Challenges are garnished with a liberal dose of both wine and laughter, the wine though being optional.

Grapes Stomping

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