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Global Grooves

Bring your best foot forward and test the multicultural delights of rhythm and movement. Few things in the world highlight the beauty of people coming together, like the art of dance. From the most remote villages to sprawling metropolises, dancing celebrates our differences and displays the power of many moving as one. 

Global Groove is a rhythm-based team-building experience that goes beyond anything that has come before. Uniting the percussion and dance of Brazilian samba, West-African djembe, Indian classical dance, Spanish flamenco, Cuban salsa, Moroccan sand dance, and South African gumboot, this is a cosmopolitan cocktail of cultures that will have participants feeling like the dances themselves – energetic, inspired and infused with the power to unify. 

Working in teams, participants are taught a rich variety of global percussion rhythms and dance styles in addition to the ‘Global Groove’ – a common signature piece learned by the entire group. Guided by expert tuition, each team rehearses its extensive repertoire to perfection. When everyone is brought together on stage for the pulsating conclusion, the results are breathtaking. One by one, they seamlessly transition from one style to the next in graceful movements they never thought could be their own. Every team gets a turn to display their unique recital. 

Global Grooves is an incredibly rewarding and entertaining challenge that is an automatic highlight of any event. Its multi-national Youphoria Outbound & Adventure highlights the global nature of modern business while also providing an excellent team-building opportunity.

Global Grooves

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