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Flat-out rickshaw- Rickshaw relay adventure

On the roads, the rickshaw is popularly known to make bonds. The Rickshaw rally is one of its kind team-building drills. However, it’s not the usual hopping on board and racing on the roads. In this outdoor event, teams will be appraising their cohesive teamwork and strategic planning skills. A time limit is kept to build the rickshaw from cardboard, challenging the time management of the teams.

The teams will be given explicit plans and the required materials. The three-wheel body must hold sturdy as the teams will be moving two clients through the busy streets bustling with people and workers going about their business.

Teams will be allowed to make fly modifications to their rickshaw to ensure that their tactical planning doesn’t drift from the general norm. The modifications will also allow the rickshaw to have a unique style and design to flaunt flamboyance. 

The final stance of the exercise is a time-trailed rickshaw derby through an obstacle course. 

Successful teams will reflect their skills in meeting deadlines, working under pressure, maintaining contingency plans, and delivering clients a happy venture.

The “Flat Out Rickshaw” activity is a creative and exhilarating outbound exercise designed to promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration while providing participants with a unique and enjoyable experience. In this activity, participants will work together to build a man-pushed rickshaw entirely out of cardboard, transforming it into a stationary yet interactive seating arrangement. The goal is to create a functional rickshaw that can comfortably seat one person, allowing them to enjoy the ride while being pulled by the rest of the team.

This “Flat Out Rickshaw” activity combines creativity, physical engagement, and teamwork, offering participants a memorable and enjoyable experience that promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Flat out rickshaw

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