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Flat-out bicycle

The Flat Out bicycle is an adrenaline-fueled team-building task that challenges participants to build and race their very own bicycle. Modeled after the pinnacle of racing engineering, the team must communicate and collaborate to complete this almost full-scale bicycle.

The pivotal role of management skills is put to the test during the complex construction process as time and individual strengths are considered. Reading and following the directive, the participants will transfigure a flat-pack set of materials into a fast body.

Small setbacks are inevitable, as are test-based modifications between practicing pit-stop changes and grid starts.

To add flair and reinforce the day’s messages, each team will personalize their bicycle with unique designs that Highlight Company values and fortify corporate/brand messages.

A qualification race round decides the grid position before forwarding to the thrilling experience of the grand challenge: your company’s gear Prix! With the celebration of the checkered flag, the team race concludes and a winner is crowned.

The Flat Out bicycle team-building exercise demands efficiency and cooperation and rewards participants with a thrilling experience – out of the pits and onto the podium.

Flat out bicycle

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