Fashion Show

Put your Swagger on the runway – along with your magic dress, in The Fashion Show Game is a high couture of artistry that lightens up the runway-style fashion show. Design the outfit you want to try and be the show-stopper of your show!

The Fashion Show Game is a rapid creativity exercise that involves different aspects. 

In the beginning, teams confront each other in a cultural-based Fashion Quiz to compete/bid for materials. Materials/props can range from glitter to other designed crafts to even artificial plants. The more you answer correctly and swiftly, the more options for supplies your teams get.

Once the collection of the materials is done, teams get an hour to design their costume and put flares of life in them. The stitching races with time and seems to try to fit in perfectly as the deadline strikes the clock. 

After the completion of cutting, stitching, and designing, members come together for an exuberant and wild fashion show. Every team must select one member to model their dress and another one to voice over its features. The exemplary fashion design is marked by three features; style, creativity, and function. All the designs are applauded and appreciated but only the team is awarded kings and queens of the catwalk!

Stimulating conversations, sparkling laughter, and indelible memories come with the team-building power of The Fashion Show Game.

Fashion Show

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