Dare | Prank

Dare or Prank is a game that requires a minimum of 5 or more players, The Game starts with an introduction and instructions about the activity, and the whole group is split into smaller groups in terms of keeping an eye on them and monitoring in distance. Each group allows a single task that everyone has to perform to complete the task.

Skills Required: Creativity, Situation handling, coping with embarrassment, Tolerance. 

Steps Involved:

Out of five players two lead players, one for video shooting and the rest would be making the survey notes. Points will be calculated on the expression of the prank maker and the one whom you are going to make crazy.

  • Prank – Mocking at the person
  • Dare – Proposed a girl in a busy market
  • Questions–Start with a normal introduction and ask till she tries to hit you with her sandal.
  • Acting – As people act on something that may be decided before an event or on the spot subjects, a video cameraman would be with him/her at the time of the performance
  • Sales – Sale of the outdated or irrelevant object to a customer out in the market.

Minimum Rules:

  • If you are going for the task then make yourself ready to handle any kind of situation and pressure that may occur.
  • Two female participants are compulsory in each group at the time of activity.
  • The cameraman will be operating from a distance to put a heart into the activity. (In some tasks, some of the tasks need constant video shooting assistance.)
  • Each task needs to be completed in a designated time as each team will have their turn.
  • You cannot use extra props, Things, or pieces of equipment without any prior permission or mutual consent of another group.
  • At the time of the activity there is a strong chance that people whom you are mocking may get mad or disturbed then you can explain the task but it will lead to penalty points as it was not completed as expected.
  • No physical contact is involved, and no offensive words are used at the time of activity.

Dare | Prank

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