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City ICON Treasure Hunt

Introducing the “City ICON” Treasure Hunt – an exhilarating blend of brainpower and adventure! 

“City ICON” Treasure Hunt combines strategic thinking with fun problem-solving! In this game, the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of 10 carefully chosen spots throughout the city. In between teams also get small, fun-based missions (Such as the completion of a series of tasks or dares) on the phone that can be solved on the way to your clue location or around the 10 spots.

The participants have to have a proven method of visiting the spots by taking pictures of themselves (The whole team is mandatory) there. But there’s a catch! The teams share each place’s points, meaning that many teams at the same place equal fewer points for each team. The challenge is figuring out how the other teams will react on planning and executing their strategies and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of the chosen strategy by each team, all teams get to see the city’s highlights.

The Quest: Get ready for an urban escapade like no other! Your mission is to explore our vibrant city, unlocking its secrets one iconic spot at a time. 10 carefully curated locations await your discovery.

The Twist: As you journey through the city’s heart, you’ll receive intriguing challenges right on your phone. These mini-missions, filled with fun tasks and daring dares, will test your wit and creativity. You can tackle them on the way to your next clue or while you’re soaking in the atmosphere at these iconic locations.

The Evidence: To claim your conquest, snap pictures of your team at each spot. This isn’t a solo adventure; the whole team must be in the frame to validate your visit.

The Catch: Here’s the kicker – points are scarce! The more teams at a spot, the fewer points you’ll earn. It’s a test of strategy, predicting how rival teams will plot their course and aiming for the lesser-visited gems. The challenge lies in outwitting your opponents while ensuring you savor the city’s finest offerings.

Duration: This thrilling treasure hunt spans 60 to 120 minutes, keeping you on your toes and your adrenaline pumping throughout.

Get ready to embark on a journey that’s equal parts adventure and brainpower. “City ICON” Treasure Hunt – where strategy meets exploration, and fun knows no bounds!


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