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Calling the shot

Have you ever written your rap? – YES!!! Then you will lead the team; yes, this is the debate in two teams; the Topic will be given to you at the discussion time. You have 5 min to think about choosing one topic out of three. The facilitator will give you a head start or appreciate it if anyone wants to take the initiative. Whoever is the starting person, will say the first line concerning TO or FOR. Once he or she is done, he/she needs to point out to the opposition team member that he is the only person who needs to continue the game.

Calling the shot

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Identifying the missing pieces in the organization or the fading magic of it or perhaps just a lack of acceptance of the same; one of these is enough to get any organization into the act. As it is been rightly said “Acceptance first step towards transformation.” You cannot change if you don’t know where to start and those around you!

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