Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge is again an adventure activity that helps you conquer your fear and adjustments along the way. If you want to achieve something, then the path is not that easy but it’s your perspective and efforts that make it possible. These efforts you can measure in efficiency, timeline, achievement path, and appreciation if I think that I have made exception/moderate/fair efforts.

The instructor will put the harness over to your body, the flight attendant will make sure your harness is safe and then you can start walking over this bridge. Safety instructions, walking instructions, and instructions in the event of panic, if you fall from the bridge bit you are harnessed to the safety line above the bridge so nothing to worry about.

This is a very energetic activity in terms of pumping your team, conquering fear, and managing the team’s dimensions, this is often added to itineraries at adventure sites offsite, day outings, etc.

Burma Bridge

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