Bridging the Gap

Building a connection to reach customer expectations, overcoming the gap of resources, time, and communication. Teams must design and improvise with collaborative energy. Bridging the gap is a proactive team-building task facilitating strategic communication and team assembling. 

A huge company bridge is built by combining individual bridges. The assembled company bridge is then tested by a remote-controlled car, which sets the stage for an exciting finale wrapped in a powerful metaphor where individual departments play a vital role in the overall construct.

Begin the session with an engaging introduction to the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci and his contributions to engineering and design. Explain the activity as a hands-on experience inspired by his inventive spirit.

Bridging Gaps: The Da Vinci Bridge activity is a dynamic team-building exercise designed to promote collaboration, problem-solving, and experiential learning. Inspired by the ingenious designs of Leonardo da Vinci, this challenge encourages participants to work together to construct a self-supporting bridge using minimal materials. With material given to the team, each contesting team will get wooden planks or dowels, Rope or string, and Tape (optional). Although this bridge is self-sustaining in case it does not get to the final within the designated time, the team will have something to salvage the points.


Team Collaboration: Encourage participants to work together, pooling their diverse skills and strengths to achieve a common goal.

Problem Solving: Present participants with a unique challenge that requires innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Communication: Emphasize the importance of clear and effective communication in ensuring everyone is on the same page during the planning and building phases.

Leadership and Role Allocation: Allow participants to naturally identify and utilize leadership skills, as well as understand the importance of assigning roles based on individual strengths.

Adaptability: Highlight the need for flexibility and adaptability as teams may need to adjust their strategies based on real-time feedback and challenges.

Concluding the session by highlighting the parallels between the London Bridge/ Da Vinci Bridge Challenge and real-world team dynamics. Acknowledge the participants’ efforts and emphasize the importance of continued collaboration and learning.

The Da Vinci Bridge activity not only provides a fun and engaging team-building experience but also serves as a powerful tool for developing key skills essential for success in the professional world.

Bridging the Gap

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