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Black Castle: Collaborative problem solving

Customized activity which involves building your fort and strategizing its defense.

All materials to build their fortress will be equally distributed among the teams. The teams have to use the materials to build their fortress such that they can defend it against enemy sieges and give a name to their fort. Teams will be paired against each other and they have to destroy the opponent’s fort using the catapults. The teams with minimum damage to their forts will qualify for the next level

The fortress wall (Black castle) can be done, by using fresh/used corrugated boxes each team needs to make its fortress and defend against its enemy. The team will be given the required material to build the fort, and there will be out round/elimination round on maximum damages to the fort

Member – One king, one army general, one archer, rifle shooter, home defense army, and the rest would be ground army/fighter army.

Dress code – Need to make some logos and armor out of newspaper, card sheet paper, marker, and some other waste material.

Storyline – 


Each kingdom has its territory to build and protect showing teamwork and engagement.

Initial stage every team will be provided with an item checklist necessary to build virtual money which will be brought into the buying of more stuff if required. The program will initiate the bidding process and transact the virtual money to buy the additional props and materials – sharpen the skills

Each team will be allotted one instructor to look after and assist along the way if needed.

Pen, pencil, and paper to make a design in the way that they could defend their fort, lay down the army, and build the armory to use in war it will be kept confidential from each other. – innovation

The quality manager checks the quality of each fort and rates that. The fortress wall (Black castle) can be done

(We could use a catapult that would need additional time and material. If you add the zest to the exercise please mention it in the requirement form. Water balloons, cap archery, soft materials, and the ground army are the weapons of destruction)

Black Castle: Collaborative problem solving

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