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Biking – Where Rubber Hits the Road

The Riding Challenge – Where Rubber Hits the Road!

Now, remember the last time you were on a bike. Maybe you were riding, maybe you were riding pillion. When was that? As a student maybe? Going to daily work, for errands you are making around the house? It is just a means of transport for some but it is a passion for some of us.

Taking on the bike and hitting roads for a long ride through busy roads, beautiful landscape terrain, dense forests, mud patches, and desert, and then there is OFF ROADING. Going off-roading is just a mesmerizing feeling all you need. It gives you a moment to live, cherish, remember, and freedom that you don’t have to share with anyone but yourself. You are alive and on top of the world in those moments, moments only you know how precious these are.

Feel the same hit, the same passion, and all those feelings on a tour with us! We can make it easy and available at your doorstep that too with your colleagues, friends, family, or a random group of people who share the same passion.

Youphoria Hospitality and Outdoors together with off-road rides now brings to you a unique & first-of-its-kind team experience – The Riding Challenge!

The challenge is carefully customized and put together, to take you on a scenic ride through rustic villages and farms, riding on trail, mud, and sometimes over rocky patches to an unexpected and breathtaking locale with a beautiful destination such as a lake or Small Mountain top!

But when it comes to Youphoria, you can be quite sure – every moment will be a challenge. Your team will be challenged to track down a trail, crack clues on the way, and earn resources that can help you stop at a scenic spot to cook your food by yourself. Each member will engage themselves whilst cooking lunch/dinner, chopping veggies, playing with wood fire seasoning, utensils arrangements, seating arrangements, and cleaning the place because we don’t let ourselves make fools by letting the garbage as a reward for what we have achieved. As we move forward the team has already jelled within, team planning and coordination, leadership and taking ownership, and most importantly understanding your role as a team player.

What you don’t have to worry about is safety. Your safety is the main concern – and this is one workshop where you will see us being particularly strict about it. The leader of the event has an idea of the terrain and local geographical situation as some of the places get cold, foggy, and darker earlier than expected, and has to have general knowledge of getting everyone out to the rendezvous point. The Youphoria entourage comprises the tour leader, an experienced mechanic, a medical expert, a helper & a support van that will carry the luggage and mechanical equipment. 

The Biking Challenge is ideal for group sizes from 30 to a maximum of 500 people at a time. 

Who can participate?

Anyone reasonably fit. Fit in terms of knowing how to take on tough terrain, riding in dispersed conditions, and physically fit with good health conditions can participate. The rider needs to have the proper documentation and knowledge along with the Youphoria disclaimer duly filled up before going in for the event. Participants who do not wish to ride but want to be a part of the challenge, space permitting, may accompany the riders in the support vehicle; but cannot be part of the whole journey because hairpin bends and inclination are not advised with pillion riders, will have to be a spectator and good cheering squad. (Which only bikes can maneuver)! 

The Biking Challenge is currently offered as a one-day/Overnight workshop and around Pune and Mumbai only. The kick-off can be at the company site, campsites, and terrain ranch of any restaurant, or detour route, and the workshop ends with everyone returning to the same spot we left off with unique and meaningful feedback and experience-sharing sessions of experiences & learning. You may get the chance to meet and gain some valuable experiences from the experts, influencers, and merchandise meet as well.

It takes you through teamwork, collaboration, respect for individuals and brotherhood are what you are looking for in your team experience, do challenge your team to The Riding Challenge today!

Biking – Where Rubber Hits the Road

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