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Big Picture

The brush strokes of a genius painter count not one but numerous- you just need to see closely and yet observe the bigger picture. Teamwork is like brush strokes coming together to create a masterpiece. In the Big Picture, the team lays the groundwork for creating a work of art together.

All the participants are divided into smaller groups, called ‘palettes’, and each palette will paint a small section of the Big Picture. The final image will be a collaborative work of all the participants, and it will be a surprise as the final image will only be revealed in the end. The teams must work cohesively to shape the art.

The big picture is an inclusive activity as opposed to a competitive one. The teams are bound to take a big-picture approach and reach the end together. Synchronization is a prerequisite for fitting the canvas marvelously. The big picture can be made to represent the company’s brand, the themes of the conference, products, goals, and values. By notching up the difficulty level, even recreate a famous artwork. 

After the completion, all the teams submit their canvas. Following the collection, all the canvases are put together and framed. Now, it is ready for the Big Reveal! The curtains are taken down once the debriefing is concluded and the final sensation is out, appreciated with a round of applause and fervent cheers!

The final work can bring profound reinforcement, as it becomes a souvenir of what teamwork can achieve together.

Big Picture

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