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Best out of the waste

Approximately one-third of the total food produced for human consumption goes to waste or gets lost every year, accounting for 1.3 billion tons. 

Net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons) is equivalent to the waste produced by the rich consumer countries.

Annually the amount of food lost or wasted is more than half of the world’s yearly production of cereals crops (2.3 billion tons) as calculated in 2019-20.

With the above statistics, we are not trying to count our past doings. Humans are mad about their past, yet they are the ones who build our future together. 

Keeping in mind our grievance towards the waste, we will try to reduce our production of waste. Every team will get the task; the team has to build/design an object from the waste of your surroundings or your daily workstation like waste paper, Pencil, Pen, wrappers, and Matchboxes. 

Creativity will be the guiding light in this activity, accompanied by innovation, and the ingenious that will become the final product must be put/ undertaken for use somewhere. It could be anything that you make, but be sure to use waste materials.

Best out of the waste

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