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Twisting and adding flares to business objectives, product launches, and key messages to life in a fun way. 

In the age of technology, we often wonder about something how those things work, some have the knowledge some have the curiosity, so why not that knowledge, creativity, and hunger to learn something with some help from technology? We bring to you this gimmick from the world of filmmaking to use in this activity. The animation technique of moving an object in small increments between individually photographed frames creates the illusion of movement when the edges are played in a continuous sequence.

Animate will surely ignite your creative side as well as build a team as the motion continues.

Groups are given the task of creating a remarkable digital stop-motion animation sequence based on a theme. Themes are flexible and can be shaped according to the team, project, or business.

The activity of animation starts with the teams deciding the storyboard of their stop motion animation’s final desired outcome.

In the animation studio, the teams will start to take pictures of the objects and move them in short sequential steps. Once completed with the recording, the team plays back their video to see their story come alive, with often rewarding and funny results. 

In animation, everyone will contribute to the story and the video making. Skills of communication, planning, and essentially coordination are important for filmmaking. All the skills also contribute to enhancing team building.

Animate not only helps in team building, but also brings product launches, business mottos, and key messages of your presentation to life. 

The theme sets the frame of the film but the message and story are only limited by one’s imagination.


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