Adventure Treasure Hunt

By all means, the treasure hunt is a popular exercise amongst all age group especially student and corporate enjoys the most given they have their groups to compete with. Putting some extra attributes to its nature we have come up with another spicy version of the treasure hunt to make it more interesting, ‘Adventure treasure hunt’ which comes with the inclusion of adventure activities. We often end up wondering if what we had was an exceptional experience and want to remember it for a long time, performing a series of clues and getting some of those with rappelling and swimming is something adventurous experience altogether.

The window was set so was the coordinator’s mood, It’s just been erupted by the better performance of the team which indicates your ability to take another leap towards the successful completion of the task. So coordinators have just come up with a different narrative keeping the nature of the activity intact just to spice it up a bit. It makes the lot better resulting and performing team.

Embark on this thrilling treasure hunt adventure with your team! Here’s how it all works:

Team Formation: We’ll divide everyone into teams, ensuring that each member is a vital part of their group.

Ice-Breaking: To kick things off, we’ll break the ice with some fun activities to get everyone acquainted and in the spirit.

Rule Adherence: All participants must follow the essential rules and regulations – no exceptions allowed!

Guided Challenges: At each activity location, a knowledgeable instructor will be waiting to guide you through the challenges, ensuring safety and excitement.

Unique Clues: Each team will receive a unique set of clues and instructions. While the activities may be the same, your journey will be entirely distinct.

Precision Counts: Pay close attention to the instructions – a single misstep will cost your team 10 valuable points!

Navigation Expertise: The team in charge of location and navigation must lead the way to the correct spots.

Choose Wisely: Seek out your clue from a set of 20, but here’s the twist – the elusive 6th clue can only be reached by rappelling down!

Unlock the Challenge: Secure the final clue to unlock the ultimate challenge, testing your team’s mettle.

Time Management: Ensure your team assembles at the specified destination at the appointed time.

Points & Clues: Hand over all your clues and points to the instructor. Failing to calculate your previous clues correctly means the final task clue remains hidden.

Stay Focused: Keep your wits about you! If your team falters during an activity, it’s back to the beginning of that part.

Make Smart Choices: If you can’t pick the right clue, backtrack and make a new selection.

The Ultimate Destination: Finally, reach the ultimate destination, uncover the last clue, and set off on the thrilling hunt for the hidden treasure!


Let the adventure begin, and may the most adventurous team emerge victorious!

Adventure Treasure Hunt

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