Developing Learning Teams

Developing Learning Teams

2N3D days program with Youphoria or other suitable locations for groups of 20 to 100 participants:

It is amazing how much people can get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit.” – Sandra Swinney.

Team is like a wrist watch – lots of different parts, but the whole has value only when all work together. Even if the smallest part is broken, the whole watch doesn’t work” – Gordon Bethune.

From established technology to emerging technology, from pyramid to matrix structure, from national to transnational – change, uncertainties and ambiguities are ongoing phenomena in the business environment. How can Leaders and Managers cope with it, put new concepts into practice from theory, implement strategies from book to ground and above all integrate their teams to form a perfect Learning Organization?

The Youphoria Developing Learning Teams Program is Team oriented and is designed to suit the specific training objectives of the Organization. Participants live in tents, cooke own food, trek hills, build rafts to cross rivers and participate in a wide array of fun and adventure based outdoor activities and games.  After each activity, they interact and reflect on it, and draw conceptual insights. Experienced Facilitators assist in the process and help individuals to discover knowledge. Further, the scenario is compared with the work environment to determine as to how the learning can be transferred. The process attempts to achieve Phenomenal Changes in Individual Behavior and Team Processes’ with particular emphasis on the following:

Key Business Benefits

  •         Team Cohesion and Loyalty
  •         Perception, Outlook
  •         Leadership, Managerial Skill
  •         Communication Process
  •         Interpersonal Skill


The process facilitates experimentation without penalty, quick recall of learning, is reality based, and is in an informal environment with level playing field. The Youphoria Outbound & Adventure, all through the process, is ‘What learning do we carry to our Organization and further, how do we, as a team, ensure being in a recurring Learning Cycle’.

It is a 2 nights/ 3 days program at the scenic Youphoria environment. Alternatively, it can be conducted at a Nature Camp 36 Exceptional Places in India.


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