Body Rap

Slap yourself out of it! This is group rhythm with a colorful twist. There’s nothing quite like some wacky fun to encourage team-building. Body Rap allows participants to done some colorful gloves and make music together using just their bodies. This quick and quirky game loosens people up in an environment of off-the-wall bonding.

This hilarious rhythmic exercise is certain to give your conference a shot of fresh energy and is the perfect antidote to that mid-afternoon lull.

Body Rap

Our charismatic conductor kicks off proceedings by warming up the participants with some body sound exercises. He then asks them to pull on the provided rubber gloves and begin stomping, body-slapping and vocalizing as one to create a scene as musically spectacular as it is awash with color. The aural and visual delights on offer will have participants laughing uncontrollably as they do the Body Rap together.

Body Rap is a powerful exercise which unites through humor and a shared musical experience. Expect a completely re-energized team following this side-splitting exhibition

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