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Ice-breaking challenges

A wide range of ideas and thoughts can be taught only through speech. Pieces of training such as soft skills can occur anywhere right from the indoor classroom, outdoors, and online to sitting by the shore. At Youphoria, we have experienced facilitators, and coordinators to share ideas and thoughts directly intended to develop the listener’s personality and ultimately aim to enhance performances.

Coaching and mentoring

Mentoring and Coaching

Time Management & Prioritization

Time Management and Prioritization

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Adaptibility & Resilience

Adaptability and Resilience

Team Alignment

Team Alignment

Leadership Style

Leadership style and Strategies (laissez-faire style)

Real Time Problem Solving

Real-Time Problem solving-decisive action

Communication & Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration

Value exploration

Value Exploration- Tree Of Values

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership

Leadership Challenges

Leadership Challenges


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