Team Building Exercises can be organized to run either in a confined private area or over larger areas of open City when orienteering will be required.

When organizing a team building event we take into account the fitness of your employees taking part, events can then be organized around the group ability.

Our exercises are designed to get a team working together to solve a problem ALL members of the team have to be involved to arrive at a solution but a good leader will be required to pull it all together and encourage team members to perform at their best. Teams are monitored by our qualified instructors and feedback can be given at the end of the activity.
Please remember these Team Building Exercises are Mountain Bike Based and each employee should have basic bike riding skills.
Take the Bike Build Challenge (suitable for a small area and less fit teams).

Each team is briefed on basic bike assembly. Fit tyre and inner tube, fit wheel, fit saddle, fit chain.

A grid of squares have been previously marked out on a field for each participating team. In some of the squares the bike parts are placed, enough parts for each member of each team, outside of the grid a bike with the missing parts is provided. ALL team members will have to collect and fit a part to the bike, however there are rules, squares become UNUSABLE and PARTS must be fitted before the next part is collected, this ensures that the team works out some logic and the most competent team member for each part, there are also forfeits and penalties.

The built bike must then be ridden by each member but again there are catches.

NOTE:- This exercise can be extended to the Tulip Map Experience but enough said on these web pages you do not want your teams to know all that they will be enduring.

Only Good Orienteering can solve ‘The Problem’ (more suited for a larger area to allow for orienteering).

Basic map reading skills are shown to each team before the activity begins.

A problem needs to be solved, but teams do not know what the problem is (we do and it’s great fun). Teams are given a map, grid references, money and some cryptic clues, the idea is that certain items need to be collected from each of the grid references to solve ‘The Problem’ but the grids are in no logical order only the clues will help to put them so. Get the order wrong and tasks will become difficult and some more ground will need to be covered back tracking. Get the order correct and still team efforts will be required to collect the items.

All done then find ‘The Problem’ sacrifice some members and Solve it.