A paintball player taking part in a popular style of paintball known as ‘woodsball’. Clubs – Teams range from Pro Divisions to local and low division teams Paintball is a sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water-soluble dye and featuring a gelatin outer Read more about Paintball[…]


Everyone is too familiar with the name but here you need to follow our rule, cick the ball with hands instead foot.   Lots of fun enjoyment and the coordination because you need to call the name to hit the ball and another person has to hit the ball and again he has to bring Read more about Football[…]

Open Lake Swimming

You have leverage for open lake swimming, that either you can go for open lake swimming after Raft building or post water activities, Open lake swimming will help to build a team and coordination, Help yo the other team member if needed, You can find out the best out of the least, Get to know Read more about Open Lake Swimming[…]

Night navigation – Find the way out.

First – you need some really good lights, everyone on the team should have a decent headlamp and also one good hand light. Invest in decent lights – if you buy cheap lights you will end up spending more money as you replace them. It does take CR123 batteries which are expensive if you buy Read more about Night navigation – Find the way out.[…]

Drums and Planks

Equipment: 3 x drums and one plank. To get the team from the start to the finish point without anyone touching the ground in between. Plank is placed upon the top of the three drums and team stand on top of the plank. No one is allowed to touch the floor between the start and Read more about Drums and Planks[…]


The Archery Centre can tailor a package to suit your needs, why not try Archery and Archery Target Shooting for a varied and exciting session. An Archery Teambuilding session is the perfect session for your next corporate outing. Archery provides a fun and challenging activity for your team, Youphoria Outbound & Adventuring on either individual or team achievement through archery Read more about Archery[…]

The Compass Challenge: On Foot Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations Compass Treasure Hunt where the group is divided into teams and then split up as they travel in different directions. Each round is against the clock so Teams must work hard to complete them in the allocated time. Moving Targets, Digital Cameras, Compasses, Communication, Planning & plenty of running around are Read more about The Compass Challenge: On Foot Treasure Hunt[…]

The Alchemist

In ancient philosophical traditions, Alchemy was considered a powerful practise which gave practitioners the ability to transform base metals into gold. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us found an Alchemist too, in our lives? Someone who could work with our ordinary selves, with all our biases, limitations, warts and all – and transform Read more about The Alchemist[…]

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