Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations Climb onto our trail-ready mountain bikes and rediscover your inner 10 year old! Along with our Mountain Bikes, Teams need to use their smart phone GPS and personalized booklet and must navigate their way around our various tracks finding orienteering punches/markers at waypoints along the way. For each marker found the Read more about Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt[…]

White water rafting

“Ready…….. PADDLE!!! And your office team of six, unrecognizable in their life jackets and helmets all put metal to water and start paddling hard. Grinning, puffing and eyes sparkling, this seems nothing like the group you work with daily….. Transformed by the task at hand of ‘beating the other team’ to the river bend, your Read more about White water rafting[…]

Icons of Pune / Mumbai: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations   Icons of Pune combine strategic thinking with fun problem solving! In this game the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of 10 carefully chosen spots throughout the city. At the same time, the teams also get short, fun missions in the phone that can be solved on Read more about Icons of Pune / Mumbai: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt[…]

Creative Challenge: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

Overview Photo Gallery Locations The creative challenge smartphone treasure hunt is a fun-filled and challenging game that let’s your employees get to know each other, think creatively and work as a team. Teams of 8 – 10 members compete against each other in solving intriguing, location-based missions in a game area of your choosing. Each Read more about Creative Challenge: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt[…]

Waterfall Rappelling

“Your throat is dry, heart racing, muscles tense and you hear your boss’s voice asking if you’re ready to go… No this isn’t a corporate presentation your about to give … It’s the moment before you rappel down a 40 foot high waterfall to the cheers of your work-team below… But this is just level one and Read more about Waterfall Rappelling[…]

Rock Climbing

“Eyes are on the summit, you only have a few more meters to climb…You grip this 200 ft. rock face with all the strength left in your fingers and lift yourself a little higher up its near vertical surface… Nothing but pure self-belief has brought you so far…” Maintains of Mulshi Ghat, India is a Read more about Rock Climbing[…]


Youphoria often employs rock climbing as a metaphor for life and business. Climbing is our passion and one of our greatest teachers: Through it we learn how to set goals, acknowledge challenges, push our limits, trust others and trust ourselves. It teaches us that we can strive to the top, as once-insurmountable obstacles fall with Read more about Rappelling[…]

Adventure Treasure Hunt

Overview Time Spam: 3 Hours Location: LAVASA   Photo Gallery Locations Will divide whole group in to teams Everyone should be the part of Team Will start with minimum member introduction – Ice breaking Rules and regulation – which are mandatory to follow all participants One instructor at each Activity Location Every team has a Read more about Adventure Treasure Hunt[…]

Dare | Prank

Dare or Prank is a game required minimum 5 and more player, Game start with instructions, The whole group would be divided into small group each group allot a single task that everyone has to perform in order to complete the task. Skills Required: Creativity, Situation handling, embarrassment, Tolerance. Steps Involved: Out of five player Read more about Dare | Prank[…]

Cave Exploration

Exploration of caves takes us into a world much different from that above ground, a world of darkness surrounded by rock and mud. Exotic formations, streams and waterfalls, tight caraways, deep canyons and pits, huge rooms with large blocks of breakdown, crickets, bats and cave rats await the cave explorer. Caving can be a strenuous Read more about Cave Exploration[…]

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