In this service we take up the event at a much higher notch, from showing off the upcoming fashion in apparels and accessories to ONE thing! And that is TRENDSETTING!  –

Apparently it’s not just apparel, accessories but the trendsetting thing that has been brought/introduced in market. People are live with hearth and ready ears when it comes to trends. Every individual wants to be a part of any particular showcase by presenting there or watching live.

But how many people have you reached with press conference is ultimate aim of any press conference. Calling/inviting every big channel, agencies, ad agencies, blogger, Influencers and how far can they take this conference, that massage is far more important.

Generally these people (Influencer) have more following on social media, live television show and people love to watch them addressing any topic, presenting the goods, showcasing and demonstrating. TV channels have their own following as well as social media accounts too.

Following are the things need to take care before any press conference:

  1. What king of press conference we are calling?
  2. Cause of the press conference.
  3. Who we calling to attend the conference?
  4. Presentation.
  5. Do we have transparent and upfront answers?
  6. Think of all possible question you may get at the time of press conference.
  7. Goods, products are ready with to display and demonstrate.
  8. Influencer and media have their fair share for questioning (If we taking questions)
  9. Paid influence and promoters for press conferences.
  10. Analysis of the conference that you can check the success post event.

All above points are enough to get any press conference to be successful. Youphoria Hospitality has dedicated team of experts to look after your events of any kind. We have been herein this industry for a while but enough to get your results way better.

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