Business dinners are mainly arranged for the existing clients, new deals, apart from that there is associates meet, vendor/franchise meet, new clients meet up, shared business ideas etc.

People want to grab business you invite people for nice hospitality some of them may be from your town, outside, other countries, business dinner gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss business over dinner. Inviting client and giving them best hospitality is advised from of business meeting.

Though you have to follow the etiquette while hosting the dinners. Always remember these etiquette may hold up almost all the event but make sure who your client is, some countries may have different etiquette so try to study your client first and try to be as normal as you always are. We can keep the dinner line as per delegates but it’s your job to keep the etiquette in mind and your behavior around the table.

Some of these etiquette you can keep in mind around the table.

  • Preparation
  • Dress up
  • Always show up on time
  • Phone silent mode on
  • Hand shake
  • Keep your side of the table yourself (Keeping your stuff)
  • Sit properly, let your guest sit first (If you are meeting people around the tables make sure you are super chill and discrete.
  • Be chill and make sure to create comfortable environment around the table.
  • Start off with small discussion
  • It’s always good to be familiar with utensils before the event at fancy dinners
  • Priorities host order ahead of yours and be ready with your too to place the order.
  • Order normal food, avoid fancy food
  • Wait your guest to start, you can insist in
  • Eat slowly without noise and always eat less (You can eat before event)
  • Place the utensils properly without noise once you finished
  • Make move to pay first (It is always impressive not to let bill come to the table, you can inform billing desk in advance)
  • Confirm with your guest if they finished?
  • Thank you your guest at end of the event for doing this and make sure your business is conclude before leaving the table.

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