Ensure your participants are ‘in the zone’ during your conference with this short mind- relaxation experience. The modern world can be a stressful place. Each delegate attending your conference enters with their mind clouded by worries, both personal and professional. Meditation offers the perfect opportunity to Youphoria Outbound & Adventure your people’s minds, allowing them to think clearly and be fully receptive to conference messages.
This 20 minute interactive audio-visual relaxation experience makes use of multi-sensory meditation techniques to de-clutter your participants’ minds.
Participants are guided throughout by on-screen imagery coupled with a relaxing voice. Each individual chooses the meditation experience they desire using glowing, multi-colored wands. With more than 70 unique combinations to choose from, each group meditation can be specifically tailored to suit the tastes of your audience.

Participants reach ‘the zone’ – the period of optimum relaxation – about halfway through the 20 minute session In this state, each individual’s mind is put totally at ease and readied for the day ahead. Guided by music, sound effects and the reassuring voice, participants are slowly eased back to reality on a wave of positivity.

Meditation is beneficial to each and every delegate who takes part. By calming and clearing their minds, they prepare themselves to face any challenge and ensure they will not be distracted by any clutter within. Performed worldwide, including as part of Virgin Atlantic’s in-flight entertainment, this unique relaxation experience has led Meditation to be heralded as the “ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle.”
Key Business Benefits
• Uniting Teams
• Visualizing The Future
• Stimulating Creativity
• Energizing a conference