Adventure Treasure Hunt
• Overview
Time Spam: 3 Hours
Location: LAVASA

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• Locations

Will divide whole group in to teams
Everyone should be the part of Team
Will start with minimum member introduction – Ice breaking
Rules and regulation – which are mandatory to follow all participants
One instructor at each Activity Location
Every team has a separate clue and instruction sheet, Activities will be same but completion cycle would be separate
Activity has to get complete as per instruction – one mistake 10 mark deduction.
Location and navigation team has to approach to the right location
Pick up only your clue out of 20 clues
Get the 6th Clue with help of Rappelling
Pick up final clue
Gather in time to the mentioned destination and time
Handover all the clues and points to instructor after calculation previous clues you won’t get the final task clue.


• Every team has separate Activity completion cycle
• If team Approached to the wrong activity place 10 Marks deduction for each mistake
• Each activity has a nominal rule, if fail to follow 10 marks deduction
• Team couldn’t concentrate on completion of activity and if done a mistake they have to start all over again (Only Activity)
• Separate Navigation Route to the final Treasure
• If fail to pick correct need to go back and choose your own
• Reach to final destination and get final clue and search the treasure

Creative Challenge: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt
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• Locations

The creative challenge smart phone treasure hunt is a fun-filled and challenging game that let’s your employees get to know each other, think creatively and work as a team. Teams of 8 – 10 members compete against each other in solving intriguing, location-based missions in a game area of your choosing. Each mission is communicated through mobile phones and the teams send proof of their accomplished missions by sending pictures. We’ve got carefully selected missions that are guaranteed to blow the minds of your gamers! Take pictures, find objects, use your creative and beat the other teams by prioritizing between missions!
Fact File:
Duration: 60-120 mins
Numbers: No Limit
Game Area: Anywhere

Icons of Pune / Mumbai: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

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• Locations

Icons of Pune combine strategic thinking with fun problem solving! In this game the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of 10 carefully chosen spots throughout the city. At the same time, the teams also get short, fun missions in the phone that can be solved on the way to or around the 10 spots. The participants prove that they’ve visited the spots by taking pictures of themselves there. But there’s a catch! The teams share each place’s points, meaning that many teams at the same place equal less points for each team. The challenge lies in figuring out how the other teams will plan and execute their strategy and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of the chosen strategy all teams get to see the city’s highlights.

Fact File:
Duration: 90-120 mins
Numbers: Minimum 12/No Limit
Game Area: Pune / Mumbai

Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt

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• Locations

Climb onto our trail-ready mountain bikes and rediscover your inner 10 year old! Along with our Mountain Bikes, Teams need to use their smart phone GPS and personalized booklet and must navigate their way around our various tracks finding orienteering punches/markers at waypoints along the way. For each marker found the team will receive points. The objective is to navigate your way around the tracks finding all the waypoints and finding the finish point in the time provided.
You will rediscover that biking on trails and dirt tracks is simply a blast! This activity is suitable for all levels of fitness. You will explore some of the most beautiful sights in our city that you never been to and take in some fresh air and take time to clear your head. We’ll point you in the direction of beautiful scenery and nature including quiet streams and maybe even a waterfall (for the more experience bikers)!

Fact File:

Numbers: 12+ participants
Locations: Lavasa, Sinhgad, Other locations available.
Duration: One Hour, per group

Additional Information:

The treks are designed for beginner mountain bikers and we focus on safe biking. Participants need to arrange the bikes or we can arrange if needed, Keep the Bike, helmet, and a Torch, GPS or smart phone and. Map guide will be provided, An Instructor will be present with the group at all times.

This is ideal as part of a fun or Team Building Day. An event like this always brings out the best in your teams. Your team will have time to take it all in and enjoy the scenery. This is ideal as part of a fun or Team Building Day or an event on its own. We’ll point you in the direction of beautiful scenery and nature including quiet streams and maybe even a waterfall (for the more experience bikers)! The treks are designed for beginner mountain bikers and we focus on safe biking. We provide a high quality Mountain bike, helmet, and a map guide.

On Road Treasure Hunt

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• Locations

On Road Treasure Hunts in Pune, Lavasa, Mulshi, Sinhgad, Tamhini, Lonavala,
This unbelievable day is a very exciting on-road treasure hunt using our fleet of road-going 4×4 vehicles, with drivers at the wheel. Participants drive a surprise route, whilst following tailored road books, clues and hints. The event starts with a pick up from the client’s location, where all participants are given their “Survival Pack”. This contains all the information and equipment needed to complete the challenge.
The teams will have to solve clues and navigate their way around the chosen route. Each team is allocated points for every destination reached, challenge successfully completed and every photograph taken! An exciting alternative to what can sometimes be a little mundane!

Fact File:

Numbers: 6+ participants Maximum – No limit
Locations: Anywhere in Pune, , Mulshi, Sinhgad, Tamhini, Lonavala.
Duration: One – Three Hours, per group
Additional Information: Four customers will be in each vehicle on the day of event.
Benefits: This is not a physical challenge and is available for people of all levels of fitness. You can start the event at your office, hotel/venue and end up where ever you like!

Xtreme Forest Adventure: GPS on Foot Treasure Hunt

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• Locations

Be prepared to be pushed to the max! The Xtreme Forest Adventure is a GPS based, on foot Adventure Treasure Hunt with a twist. Teams are given a brief booklet – then the clock is set! A series of challenging team tasks awaits them! Team Leaders must navigate the group to specific locations, complete a grueling task and get to the next waypoint post haste! Speed, leadership and communication are vital!

Fact File:

Numbers: 16+ participants
Duration: 3 Hours, per group
Additional Information: This is an outdoor activity and participants are open to the elements so please bring rain gear
Benefits: This is really taking people put of the office and putting them into the wild – they must work together to survive and to stay in the game. A great team sprit activity!

Search & Rescue

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• Locations

The time is ticking! A plane has just crashed on the Estate. Before it crashed the Pilot managed to successfully bail out. The Pilot is now believed to be injured and unable to move; he is now lying injured somewhere on the Estate. The plane had a ‘live’ nuclear device on board. The Pilot managed to parachute out of the plane just before the crash.
The good news is that the nuclear device has not detonated yet. However its timer has been started. The Team has only three hours until the bomb explodes. Teams must recover the pilot and deactivate the nuclear device within that time! Using a compass & booklet the Teams must spread out and commence the Search & Rescue using the limited information they have. It is not a head-to-head challenge. Teams will work together to achieve the common goal. The entire group of participants will be successful only on completion of all tasks, challenges, navigation, saving the Pilot and safely deactivating the bomb. Participants are on foot for the duration of the Mission.

Fact File:

Numbers: 25+
Location: Panshet other locations are available.
Duration: 3 Hours
Additional Information: Teams are provided with all the information they need to commence the challenge in a briefing at Base Camp. Distance covered on foot is 5.5 kilometers between the Two Teams. (50 minutes walking per Team)
Benefits: Group co-operation is a must. Provides high energy and amusement throughout the group!

The Compass Challenge: On Foot Treasure Hunt

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Compass Treasure Hunt where the group is divided into teams and then split up as they travel in different directions. Each round is against the clock so Teams must work hard to complete them in the allocated time. Moving Targets, Digital Cameras, Compasses, Communication, Planning & plenty of running around are all part of this energetic and entertaining event.

Fact File:

Numbers: 12+
Locations: Available at all locations
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Additional Information: This is an outdoor activity and participants are open to the elements so please bring rain gear.