Dare or Prank is a game required minimum 5 and more player, Game start with instructions, The whole group would be divided into small group each group allot a single task that everyone has to perform in order to complete the task.

Skills Required: Creativity, Situation handling, embarrassment, Tolerance.

Steps Involved:

Out of five player two lead players one for video shooting and another person would be the making the survey notes. Points will be calculated on expression of the prank maker and the one whom you are going to make him crazy.

 Prank – Mocking at the person
 Dare – Proposed a girl in front of her Family, Boyfriend, and Husband.
 Questions –Start with normal Gk and ask till she would try to hit you with her sandal.
 Acting – As people to act on something, Video shooting guy would be with him/her at the time of performance
 Sales – Sale the outdated object to a customer.

Nominal Rules:
 If you are going for the task then make yourself ready to handle the any kind of situations
 Two females are compulsory in each group
 Video shooting guy can not identified till task gets done (In some tasks)
 Each task need to complete in given time
 You cannot use extra props, Things or equipment without any prior permission or mutual consent of another group.
 If you drove somebody crazy and he or she isn’t ready to listen then you can explain whole things together.
 No physical contact involved, no offensive words can be used.