Amazing Treasure Hunt challenge is something new and something less boring in this time, we have all been doing
chits and clue coding and decoding, reaching to get chocolate box (Possibly). People have doing this since the last
era, and developing plots in between is amazing, But we Youphoria have come up with something interesting and
equally challenging to every individuals on common ground. Everyone hate when someone beats in any format, yes?
YES! Either you fail to compete or others got the benefit of some sorts, but what if everyone will get the same chance
and but different choices to beat your rival, You would love, Wouldn’t you? Yes off course.
Now here in Amazing Treasure Hunt challenge you have chance to win your best awaiting prizes, OHH yes not just
prize but prizes through out the series.
Each team will get fair chance to compete with other teams and task to perform, it’s not easy it seems but pretty
exciting journey and the pleasure of competition you just had. No one will be spare from clue cracking but its
something you can see around, might be published in todays new paper, or trending stuff of the day, recent news,
movies, songs and more categories than you can think of. Off course there are rules and regulation have to be
followed by every individuals it may lead team to penalties or repetition of task or might be elimination too, It’s risk
every team will have.
Each team will have 4 members and the total number of teams will be announced before you actually starts
(Considering few participants back out or doesn’t show up or caught up in important work).