White water rafting

“Ready…….. PADDLE!!!

And your office team of six, unrecognizable in their life jackets and helmets all put metal to water and start paddling hard. Grinning, puffing and eyes sparkling, this seems nothing like the group you work with daily….. Transformed by the task at hand of ‘beating the other team’ to the river bend, your group of colleagues now work as one solid unit….  Who knew a simple paddling exercise could foster team-spirit and camaraderie…” Many of us may have seen river rafting, either on a river trip, or on the television – and its looks exciting! A big rapid, a colorful raft weaving a path through the waves and all the randomness of white water. You may have wondered, if you could be that person in the picture? But what if, it was you AND your entire office team? Try our one-day river rafting trip that Youphoria Outbound & Adventures on building team-spirit through navigating the bends and currents of a river. Let Youphoria Outbound & Adventure show you the ropes, from paddling in a straight line, to negotiating class 1 and 2 rapids, to taking the plunge into the tongue of a Class 3 or 4 rapid. The activity is for both experienced rafters and first timers alike.

Even the most nervous, non-swimmer is soon found balancing off the edge of the raft, determined to paddle harder. Of course when the entire team ends up in the water…. another team building exercise of getting back on the raft begins…

Come join the splash!!!

White Water Rafting

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