Waterfall Rappelling

Your throat is dry, heart racing, muscles tense and you hear your boss’s voice asking if you’re ready to go… No this isn’t a corporate presentation your about to give …

It’s the moment before you rappel down a 40 foot high waterfall to the cheers of your work-team below… But this is just level one and tomorrow the challenge gets steeper…..

This could be your next corporate training venue. The wide expanse of the Sahyadri mountains, a clear blue sky above and a gushing milky white waterfall to rappel down – Youphoria chooses the most pristine places in nature to give you that ‘intense’ experience of adventure! Imagine camping out on level one – halfway down a waterfall, under an open sky – and making dinner with the rest of your team.


So, where does the corporate training come into this picture?

Waterfall rappelling at Youphoria is a combination of adventure sports and corporate team building. The aim behind the exercise is to get teams of about 20 – 70 corporate members to work together and reach the final goal of ‘arriving at the base of the fall’. Set over two weekends, this activity goes beyond just waterfall rappelling to include, other team building games and simulation exercises. The motive behind every activity is to enable participants to work together and thus foster teamwork. Would you rather enhance those ‘team-building’ skills down the face of a waterfall, as opposed to a stuffy corporate room?


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