Visioning workshop – A Facilitated Journey

In a 1996 HBR article, James Collins and Jerry Porras showed that companies with a strong sense of vision had outperformed the others in the stock market by a factor of 12 since 1925!

Vision reflects what we care most about and is derived from our sense of purpose and values. It provides meaning, attracts commitment, and Youphoria Outbound & Adventures human energy by drawing on our deepest yearnings in striving towards a purposeful goal.

As someone said: “A task without a vision is drudgery, while a task with a vision is the hope of the world”. Visions provide a clear, easily understood image of a better future. Strong visions inspire us. They embody our values, provide us with purpose, and direct us to what will be different and distinctive. Kennedys vision “To put a man on the moon by the end of the decade”, inspired a whole nation.

At YOUPHORIA we are particularly excited when we can help clients take this journey.


However the Challenges are many:

To ensure that the wisdom of every individual in the room is captured – and that no one individual dominates the proceedings due to rank or personality.

To ensure that the vision is an emergent one that reflects the collective hopes and desires of everyone in the room.

To ensure that not just everyone’s intelligence, but also their imagination is tapped.

To ensure that the vision is converted in a few simple guiding principles that guides the day to day actions of the team / organization.
Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and the Lego Serious Play methodology, Youphoria Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon a compelling vision that has everybody’s buy-in.

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