Value exploration – Clarifying What really matters

In their path breaking book, “The Leadership Challenge”, by Kouzes & Posner – there is an intriguing passage which is quite profound:

“The very first step on the journey to credible leadership is clarifying your values – discovering those fundamental beliefs that will guide your decisions and actions along the path to success and significance. That journey involves an exploration of the inner territory where your true voice resides. It’s essential that you take yourself on this voyage because it is the only route to authenticity and because your personal values drive your commitment to the organization and to the cause. You can’t do what you say if you don’t know what you believe. And, you can’t do what you say if you don’t believe in what you are saying.”

What do core values really mean in an organizational context? There is a wonderful speech by Anand Mahindra that uses the analogy of a child’s painting to explain this lucidly. You can watch it here:

We at Youphoria have been the part of many such journeys for teams attempting to explore their shared values.

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and various interesting methodologies, YOUPHORIA OUTBOUND & ADVENTURE Facilitators help and hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon your shared values in a workshop that can be both intense and fun at the same time.

Depending on the team backgrounds, profile of members and the time available – many different facilitation techniques are used. The ones which are most popular with our clients and Facilitators though are these: Lego Serious Play, MBTI Methodology, Shared History Method, Stargazing Method & the Heroic journey methodology.

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