A trebuchet is a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages either to smash masonry walls or to throw projectiles over them. It could fling up to three-hundred and fifty pound (140kg) projectiles at high speeds into enemy fortifications. trebuchets did not become obsolete until the 16th century, well after the introduction of gunpowder.

Trebuchet 2

Youphoria Outbound & Adventure revives this long forgotten medieval weapon to bring forth an exciting team based activity that is refreshing, fun, intellectually stimulating – and most importantly a huge learning opportunity!

In The Trebuchet Challenge, teams are challenged to design this medieval weapon to protect their “cities” from the invasion of “enemies”. A successful launch demands that the team members allocate roles basis capabilities of individuals, reach a common understanding, adjust to changing scenarios and communicate effectively to achieve their goal. As a part of the process, members must also decide on the projectile mass, the launch angle and the counter-weight mass to launch the perfect attack!

Where can The Trebuchet Challenge be held?

The Trebuchet Challenge can be held in a hotel function room, out in the great outdoors or within your office premises – in sufficiently large spaces. The mobility of our program allows us to move anywhere with you. Depending on your objectives, we would suggest the appropriate setting to enhance the team learning experience.

The Trebuchet Challenge encourages the group to achieve various objectives including: communication, trust, co-ordination on work processes, respect for individual capabilities, synergy, change and the strategies to cope with them and also being aligned to a common vision and mission.

Are you ready for the Trebuchet Challenge?


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