Traffic Management

We examine the effectiveness of the situation awareness problem questions in prediction sector performance and behavior in a human-in-the-loop simulation and handling. Simulation with low and high density, Problem would be shared with the facilitator before the program and accuracy and response latencies would be measure. Hierarchical linear module will be used to analyze the predictive power of each participant.

Response latencies for conflict problems and questions predictive performance modules associate with separation assurance.


One route will be assign to whole participant later on will divide the crowd into small team on each signal point with one RTO Officer. Officer explains the nominal rules make sure people would follow them. Submission of the error report to the RTO department is necessary so need to take a step accordingly.


All sign, sign board, hoarding to be held at the time of campaign.


Key Business Benefits

  • Assigning the task to the people
  • Time plan and task
  • Briefing
  • Team Management
  • Communication
  •  Experiencing Technique

Traffic Mangament Road-Safety

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