The Stagecraft – The show must go on!

Anyone who has ever been a part of putting together a Play would forever remember the buzz of the auditorium, the hustle-bustle behind the curtains, the pressure in the rehearsals, the last minute butterflies and panic…. until of course, the screen goes up!

And then, unlike while shooting movies, Theatre does not allow for any retakes. This is where the rubber hits the road. All the preparation, dialogue delivery, action & reactions – needs to come together in one seamless flow, to put up a show that will be understood and appreciated. Regardless of any obstacles or roadblocks that then come up, the show must go on….

Youphoria Outbound & Adventure recreates the magic of theatre, in a whole new team building activity – The Stagecraft Challenge! Teams are assigned topics which could be creative, whacky or linking back to corporate themes and values. It could also be tongue-in-cheek ones aimed at light hearted leg pulling of senior leaders.

Putting together a play is no child’s play though. Several questions need to be answered – several decisions to be made. What is the storyline? What about the script and dialogues? Who does what? What if someone forgets his lines? How do we use the props? What make-up to put on? What about the rehearsals?

Teams get everything they need to make the play – an assortment of props, make-up kits, wigs, guns, maces, dresses…. and some more. The only thing they need to get by themselves though is their imagination.

If you think this is challenging, we have not told you the complete story….. yet. When it is a program by Youphoria Outbound & Adventure, you can be pretty sure your friendly expert Facilitators will put up some more twists and turns to make the challenge more…… well, interesting! Teams need to report back to stage before the final buzzer goes off…..

The buzz in the air in the final moments is palpable – a lot of last minute instructions fly around, backups get decided, the more organized teams are huddled together for a final walk through of roles and responsibilities, nosy competitors are brushed away….. The final buzzer goes off and eventually a hush descends……

As we love to say in Youphoria, every moment is a challenge in this activity! But while the participants are busy immersed in the challenge, what the our Facilitators look for is the story within the story. Different elements of organizational work come to the fore, to put together a successful play – there is leadership, creativity, communication, crisis handling, role allocations and execution, operational matters, logistics issues, financial matters, team work and collaboration….

Finally the time arrives when the show goes LIVE….

Teams and judges take their seats as team after team takes the stage and delivers their masterpiece. There are no second acts – no retakes. How well can a corporate team with no prior experience in theatre come together to pull this off?

The Stagecraft Challenge! can be conducted in any part of the country. It is suitable for teams of up to 200 people (if it is a full day program) and teams of upto 100 people (if it is a half day program). This is one challenge which works for teams regardless of age groups and seniority too.

If the challenge sounds daunting to you, sets just the right number of butterflies going in your tummy, it is perhaps time for you to challenge your team to this exciting activity.

Do you think your team can pull off The Stagecraft Challenge?

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