The celluloid – Lights, Camera, Action!

Anyone who has ever watched a movie after the final scene ends, and the credits start rolling – would appreciate that it takes a tremendous amount of team work, communication, co-ordination, creativity, leadership and time management to create a movie.

Youphoria Outbound & Adventure now turns this fascinating film making activity into a mesmerizing new challenge, called The Celluloid Challenge. In this challenge that gets every single person in the team engaged and contributing, we turn your employees into full film production units. The teams are challenged – to produce their own unique versions of some of our Bollywood classics. Alternatively, we can custom design the content for the group to incorporate their very own company message, corporate Youphoria or offsite theme.

But when it comes to Youphoria, you can be quite sure – every moment will be a challenge. And so, budgets will be limited, time deadlines will be tight and every single person in the team will have a role to perform. As with real time movie making – teamwork, planning and efficient implementation of roles and tasks are critical to succeed. Budgets need to be scrupulously managed to balance between props, costumes, camera and sound equipment. Our instructors will also take each team through a crash course on movie making – handling & using the camera, editing etc.

The Celluloid Challenge is ideal for group sizes upto 50 people at a time, though of course we can stage it for larger groups too. The challenge moves through the different stages of film making – ideating, scripting, shooting and editing.

As the clock ticks away, teams are faced with a series of decisions to make. Who will be the actors? Who is going to direct? And what about the camera operator? Which props and costumes to go with? Which story-line to go with? And of course – what is a Bollywood production without some song and dance? So, who will be the choreographer, singers and dancers? Which locations to shoot at? Clearly, serious teamwork will be essential for success in this anything-but-serious event.

As the deadline for submissions nears – the excitement generally reaches a fever pitch. There are last minute suggestions and additions. Overall – the whole place buzzes with energy. The excitement is contagious.

It all comes to a delightful climax with an award ceremony, hosted by the esteemed head of the Film Academy Committee. The cheering, the laughter and the smiles happen in big measure, as each team screens their masterpiece for the rest of the groups to savor.

If you are looking for a team building exercise of a special kind, that unleashes the creativity of your teams, do try The Celluloid Challenge today!


The pixel – The whole is greater than the sum of its part.
Drops of water make an ocean,

Grains of sand, make a magnificent beach.

Strains of sounds, come together to create a divine orchestra,

Just as millions of pixels, come together to create a larger picture!



We often hear senior leaders articulating inspiring visions for their teams below. But however compelling the pitch may be, at times people down the line are left wondering. “How exactly will my piece contribute to this grand vision?” Very often, the roles and contributions of individuals down the line seem miniscule and insignificant, in comparison to the awe inspiring numbers & achievements, the team as a whole is gunning for.

Yet for leaders, it becomes imperative that every single person in the team perceives his or her contribution to be critical in contributing towards the larger goal. How does he convey this message in a strong, compelling manner?

The wise old Chinese philosopher, Confucius shows us the way: “What you do, you understand”. In this engrossing team experience, large teams are broken up into smaller units, who are then challenged to don the role of artists. All the equipment they would possibly need is handed to them – canvases, easels, et al. Each team is then challenged to exhibit their skills, creativity and express it through a splash of colors & art. Like all time based challenges, this one too pulsates with energy as teams discuss & debate color combinations. Roles and responsibilities get quickly allocated, as teams discover hidden talents and core strengths. Each member in each team is completely Youphoria Outbound & Adventure on getting their own canvas, “just right”!

As the clock ticks away to a close, teams rush in their “master pieces” – but as anyone who has been in a Youphoria Outbound & Adventure program would know, we like to stretch our participants just a bit more. Painting a canvas is just one part of the challenge ” the arguably bigger challenge, is for teams to collaborate between themselves in such a way that it adds up to a larger picture!”. And that is easier said than done! Since too many cooks often spoil the broth, only the leaders in each team are invited to figure out this challenge, behind closed curtains. The rest of the team waits with bated breath.

Eventually though, most teams find their way around. The curtains are drawn, the stage is set – the leader of the team is then invited to unveil the masterpiece. The “oohs”, “aahs” and gasps of disbelief that accompany the unveiling – set the stage for the leader to reinforce the message, that “None of us individually is capable of doing what all of us together can”. Also, “Every single panel needs to be just right, for the overall picture to be right”. What a powerful, experiential way to drive home a message!

Is the Pixel Challenge right for my team?

This is a wonderful activity to foster teamwork in the most unlikely of ways for corporate teams. The whole experience of getting their hands and aprons splashed with colors, takes participants back to their younger days, eliciting lots of smiles and laughter all around. Regardless of how big a team is – this is one activity that can keep every single person in a group fully engaged.

The activity could be debriefed (if needed) around the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Different variations to the activity can be used, to debrief around the underlying values, belief systems that hold a company together.

The Pixel Challenge is often used by teams to create a captivating conference backdrop for the offsite. Interestingly though – this really fun team challenge results in the team ending up with a beautiful looking art work, that can easily be transported and proudly put up at office – to serve as a reminder of the underlying messages of the offsite & of course, the fun time that the team as a whole had in creating it!

The Pixel Challenge can be conducted indoors or outdoors. However, if being done outdoors – we need to ensure the place is not far too breezy!

Try the Pixel Challenge today… and walk out with your own unique masterpiece!

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