Team alignment – Building Synergy in Teams

Teamwork seems the most natural thing to most people – and yet, it is something that needs deliberate effort and intent to make it happen. The biggest challenge for Team leaders is to get everyone in the team aligned towards the same goals – and share the same values.

While building alignment and a great team is an endeavor that needs patience, time and effort – it is possible to put the team on a fast track towards this goal by a facilitated session of Lego Serious Play that builds engagement in the most non-intrusive ways.

A great way to build self-managed & well-aligned teams

White Water Rafting Like a seasoned white water Rafting, executive, management, project teams must operate in a dynamic environment, where objectives and tasks suddenly change dramatically – and repeatedly. The teams must be alert and flexible, share ideas transparently, be self-motivating and comprise individuals who mesh together.
 Lego series Play We help you build, revitalize and maintain the kind of teams that will perform effectively without needing well-defined processes, instructions and rules to guide them. We do NOT take you rafting, or mountain climbing. Our approach is to deal with your issues at hand. Our Real Team approaches with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method let teams’ un-stick old habits, resolve disagreements, clarify roles and integrate diverse cultures.
  Complex bridge For any team things can look and feel complex at ground level. We move your team toward a clear understanding of how it must operate in the future to perform optimally now. As a result of the workshop the team will both have accomplished their acute task objectives and have a strategy for staying on track, so they don’t lose sight of the larger picture or take a wrong turn.

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and the Lego Serious Play methodology, YOUPHORIA Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in helping achieve alignment in your Team.

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