Strategic facilitation – Strategic Facilitation

The collective time of senior leadership teams is very valuable indeed for any organization. Hence whenever there is any offsite being contemplated for such teams, there is a lot of thought and planning that naturally goes into the same.
The twin objectives of such meetings are very often:

1)The harder aspect – which is to discuss & debate key issues, so as to arrive at a common, shared understanding

2)The softer aspect – which is to achieve a level of familiarity and comfort between the different members in the team, which brings in its obvious benefits.

However, very often – many of the teams return back with a less than satisfactory experience of their offsites. On the harder aspect – Meetings tend to meander on, the usual suspects get more than their fair share of voice, The same issues that tend to derail meetings in the office, rear up their head again during the offsite. Teams often struggle to achieve the break through or the freshness in thinking, that allows them to achieve the break through results that they seek.

On the softer aspect too – senior teams by their very constitution and profile, tend to find it very difficult to go beyond the formal niceties, to know each other at a deeper level. There is an underlying apprehension of coming across as “touchy – feely” or to indulge in “Silly trainer games”!

Is it possible to walk the middle path here? Having worked with many senior teams across industries, we think, the answer is a resounding YES!

Senior teams hate being talked down to. They need just the right amount of pull and push, which gives them the space to drive their own agenda, while at the same time being steered ever so slightly towards tangible results & action plans. An unbiased external Facilitator, who could help – by balancing the time available between both the harder & softer aspects, can make all the difference in this journey.

By bringing in our own unique experiential methodologies “interspersed in just the right mix with serious business sessions, our Facilitators at Youphoria outbound & Adventure will ensure that these journeys neither get too heavy and unacceptably intense” nor meander into beaten paths that take the team back into old familiar discussions and debates.

So whatever the agenda may be – to arrive on a shared team vision, introspect on important questions like what the leadership team should stand for & project, to explore values within the team, to ideate towards new directions, to align the team to a new leaders directions or relook at the organization strategy, we have played our own small role in ensuring that our clients go back with a feeling of the offsite having made a real, tangible difference to their objectives.

The long list of senior teams who come back to us year after year is a testimony, that we can make a difference to these meetings.

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