Sound FX – make a wacky noises of cars or birds

A team-building experience with a very unique soundtrack, Sound effects play a huge role in modern cinema. They add an extra, crucial layer that enhances our enjoyment and appreciation of a film. Sound FX lets your participants get truly involved in this process as they are challenged to create their own varied sounds for a wild car race animation.

Sound FX

Participants will be challenged in a fun environment that requires them to produce an increasingly-varied range of verbal and instrumental sound effects. These sounds must each be tailored to suit the on-screen action.

A colorful character named Karma Shashtri guides participants through each stage of the wacky race, which takes place in a number of locations throughout the world. The race boasts a bizarre and entertaining cast of characters and vehicles, and their hilarious highs and lows draw in participants as they bring the action fully to life through their sound effects. The activity becomes increasingly competitive and good communication, creativity and teamwork will be required of all involved.

Each delegate is given a colored wristband which corresponds to a color which will flash up on the screen. As the race becomes more frantic, so team will as they increase the volume in pursuit of first place. This high-energy and extremely fun finale is sure to create a long-lasting, positive memory for all.

Sound FX features specially-commissioned music and animation and combines enjoyment, energy, creativity and teamwork. Sounds like a winner!

Key Business Benefits

  • Team Dynamics
  • Time management
  • Cross functional co-operation
  • Uniting Teams
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Energizing a conference

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