Youphoria often employs rock climbing as a metaphor for life and business. Climbing is our passion and one of our greatest teachers: Through it we learn how to set goals, acknowledge challenges, push our limits, trust others and trust ourselves. It teaches us that we can strive to the top, as once-insurmountable obstacles fall with persistent effort. It gives us tangible rewards for completing our goals (excellent views, a sense of accomplishment), and provides fun along the way.

If you wish to challenge your team physically and mentally with a true outdoor adventure, look no farther than this program. Youphoria facilitators and instructors are experts at translating a challenging personal experience into a reference point for consideration of goals, goal setting, and team performance.


Our experienced facilitators will help your team enjoy themselves while they reflect upon the days’ activities and help apply the things that they learned about themselves and each other to your corporate culture

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