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On Road Treasure Hunts in Pune, Lavasa, Mulshi, Sinhgad, Tamhini, Lonavala,

This unbelievable day is a very exciting on-road treasure hunt using our fleet of road-going 4×4 vehicles, with Xtreme.ie drivers at the wheel. Participants drive a surprise route, whilst following tailored road books, clues and hints. The event starts with a pick up from the client’s location, where all participants are given their “Survival Pack”. This contains all the information and equipment needed to complete the challenge.

The teams will have to solve clues and navigate their way around the chosen route. Each team is allocated points for every destination reached, challenge successfully completed and every photograph taken! An exciting alternative to what can sometimes be a little mundane!


Fact File:


Numbers: 6+ participants Maximum – No limit

Locations: Anywhere in Pune, , Mulshi, Sinhgad, Tamhini, Lonavala.

Duration: One – Three Hours, per group

Additional Information: Four customers will be in each vehicle on the day of event.

Benefits: This is not a physical challenge and is available for people of all levels of fitness. You can start the event at your office, hotel/venue and end up where ever you like!

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