Everything is important in this immortal universe so as you. Every human being wanted to be treated well but sometime something goes wrong have you ever noticed that? Why is it? What it is? That particular people don’t like or someone don’t like particularly.

Some people don’t like your way of talking, voice tone, the way you dressed, you’re eating habit, your any kind of physical behavior or movement  it could be anything that you can’t even think about it after all we all are on same ground. What if could find this out?


Excellent isn’t it? Mimicry this is not what you think like you are going to play some celebrities role. It is that you are going to portrait someone else from your team that will be decided on time. Either you would get the one day to prepared if you are serious about the game or we can do as on time within half an hour. You need to do exactly what he or she do every day like eating, drinking, dressing, talking and physical touch as well. Then you will get to is what you need to eliminate from your character if necessary.

mimicry dressing 1 mimicry dressing


Key Business Benefits

  • Time plan and strategy
  • Team management
  • Communication
  • Creativity technique
  • Mind tools
  • Personality development
  • To know people

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