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Have very little time at hand; say just two hours – which you want to plug in with an interesting speaker session? And you are worried that conventional speakers could put people to sleep?

Look no further than Youphoria Outbound & Adventure!

Our Youphoria Outbound & Adventure facilitators, bring in their vast experience in handling small, large & multicultural groups, to do speaker sessions that will not just get you thinking – but will also get your entire team engaged in a meaningful way.

Our experience in working with a large variety of corporate clients, across a spectrum of industries, helps us cross-pollinate ideas and bring in perspectives that our clients have always found very useful. We speak on a wide variety of topics that include:

  • What motivates people at work?
  • Understanding how Innovation happens
  • I hate Negotiations!
  • The buck stops with you – Delegating effectively!
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Conversations that matter – how to have them?
  • Managing the hourglass – Time Management
  • What are you communicating?
  • Values in action – relevance of core values
  • Find your funny bone – having a sense of humor in life
  • The Power of PLAY!
  • Are you showing any “value” in your sales call?
  • Finding your own “OOPS” in life – life lessons from an inspirational journey

Where would these kinds of sessions make most sense?

  • In internal meetings
  • In sales conferences
  • In office town hall meetings
  • In channel partner events
  • Annual company meets
  • Industry forums
  • Well, actually anytime you want a different point of view!

So, do try us out – the next time you need an engaging session for your team. Just a caveat – we are not the chest thumping variety, but we will keep you completely engaged for sure!

Key Notes

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