Icons of Pune / Mumbai: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt


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Icons of Pune combine strategic thinking with fun problem solving! In this game the teams are challenged to visit as many as possible of 10 carefully chosen spots throughout the city. At the same time, the teams also get short, fun missions in the phone that can be solved on the way to or around the 10 spots. The participants prove that they’ve visited the spots by taking pictures of themselves there. But there’s a catch! The teams share each place’s points, meaning that many teams at the same place equal less points for each team. The challenge lies in figuring out how the other teams will plan and execute their strategy and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of the chosen strategy all teams get to see the city’s highlights.


Fact File:

Duration: 90-120 mins

Numbers: Minimum 12/No Limit

Game Area: Pune / Mumbai

1 thought on “Icons of Pune / Mumbai: Smart Phone Treasure Hunt

  • Hi Team,

    I and my friends are interested in participating for Treasure Hunt. Can you please let me know the cost and the timings for the same

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