September 22, 2015

GRID – Leadership

  • GRID – Leadership
  • Visioning workshop – A Facilitated Journey

In a 1996 HBR article, James Collins and Jerry Porras showed that companies with a strong sense of vision had outperformed the others in the stock market by a factor of 12 since 1925!

Vision reflects what we care most about and is derived from our sense of purpose and values. It provides meaning, attracts commitment, and Youphoria Outbound & Adventures human energy by drawing on our deepest yearnings in striving towards a purposeful goal.

As someone said: “A task without a vision is drudgery, while a task with a vision is the hope of the world”. Visions provide a clear, easily understood image of a better future. Strong visions inspire us. They embody our values, provide us with purpose, and direct us to what will be different and distinctive. Kennedys vision “To put a man on the moon by the end of the decade”, inspired a whole nation.

At YOUPHORIA we are particularly excited when we can help clients take this journey.

However the Challenges are many:

To ensure that the wisdom of every individual in the room is captured – and that no one individual dominates the proceedings due to rank or personality.

To ensure that the vision is an emergent one that reflects the collective hopes and desires of everyone in the room.

To ensure that not just everyone’s intelligence, but also their imagination is tapped.

To ensure that the vision is converted in a few simple guiding principles that guides the day to day actions of the team / organization.
Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and the Lego Serious Play methodology, Youphoria Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon a compelling vision that has everybody’s buy-in.

  • Value exploration – Clarifying What really matters

In their path breaking book, “The Leadership Challenge”, by Kouzes & Posner – there is an intriguing passage which is quite profound:

“The very first step on the journey to credible leadership is clarifying your values – discovering those fundamental beliefs that will guide your decisions and actions along the path to success and significance. That journey involves an exploration of the inner territory where your true voice resides. It’s essential that you take yourself on this voyage because it is the only route to authenticity and because your personal values drive your commitment to the organization and to the cause. You can’t do what you say if you don’t know what you believe. And, you can’t do what you say if you don’t believe in what you are saying.”
Value Exploration
What do core values really mean in an organizational context? There is a wonderful speech by Anand Mahindra that uses the analogy of a child’s painting to explain this lucidly. You can watch it here:

We at Youphoria have been the part of many such journeys for teams attempting to explore their shared values.

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and various interesting methodologies, YOUPHORIA OUTBOUND & ADVENTURE Facilitators help and hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon your shared values in a workshop that can be both intense and fun at the same time.

Depending on the team backgrounds, profile of members and the time available – many different facilitation techniques are used. The ones which are most popular with our clients and Facilitators though are these: Lego Serious Play, MBTI Methodology, Shared History Method, Stargazing Method & the Heroic journey methodology.

  • Real time strategy –For Better and Faster Decision Making

Leading a business, organization or team today is very similar to driving on an unknown road full of twists and turns. It’s dark. It’s foggy. You can’t stop or slow down, because if you do, you will miss opportunities and goals.
In this kind of situation you have to heed all signs and be ready for the un-expected opportunity around the next turn. You have got to imagine all the possibilities. The more you have thought about what can happen, the more you have tested in your mind what you will do “IF”, the faster and better you will move ahead.

We call this kind of “preparedness” for quick and good decision-making having a Real Time Strategy in place for your company, project, or team.

Time Savings -Traditional strategic planning takes months – and becomes obsolete with the “blink of an eye” when new opportunities appear. Developing a robust Real Time Strategy that will guide you no matter what arises, only take days.

Real Time Strategies improve the speed and quality of your day-to-day as well as your long term decision making. They ensure you are prepared to respond optimally to the un-expected, all the time!

  • Tell you where to look, what to Youphoria Outbound & Adventure on when making your choice of action.
  • Specify in what spirit and direction your solutions must be chosen to meet your strategic objectives.
  • Keep you on track strategically, because they guide everyone’s decisions and actions on-going.


Put a dead thing on table 1
 Be prepared for unpexpected  keep growing no matter what 1
Remember to take dead issues off the table Be prepared for the unexpected Keep growing no matter what

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and theLego Serious Play methodology, YOUPHORIA OUTBOUND & ADVENTURE Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in arriving upon a Real Time Strategy for your business.

  • Strategic facilitation – Strategic Facilitation

The collective time of senior leadership teams is very valuable indeed for any organization. Hence whenever there is any offsite being contemplated for such teams, there is a lot of thought and planning that naturally goes into the same. Strategy Facilitation
The twin objectives of such meetings are very often:

1)The harder aspect – which is to discuss & debate key issues, so as to arrive at a common, shared understanding

2)The softer aspect – which is to achieve a level of familiarity and comfort between the different members in the team, which brings in its obvious benefits.

However, very often – many of the teams return back with a less than satisfactory experience of their offsites. On the harder aspect – Meetings tend to meander on, the usual suspects get more than their fair share of voice, The same issues that tend to derail meetings in the office, rear up their head again during the offsite. Teams often struggle to achieve the break through or the freshness in thinking, that allows them to achieve the break through results that they seek.

On the softer aspect too – senior teams by their very constitution and profile, tend to find it very difficult to go beyond the formal niceties, to know each other at a deeper level. There is an underlying apprehension of coming across as “touchy – feely” or to indulge in “Silly trainer games”!

Is it possible to walk the middle path here? Having worked with many senior teams across industries, we think, the answer is a resounding YES!

Senior teams hate being talked down to. They need just the right amount of pull and push, which gives them the space to drive their own agenda, while at the same time being steered ever so slightly towards tangible results & action plans. An unbiased external Facilitator, who could help – by balancing the time available between both the harder & softer aspects, can make all the difference in this journey.

By bringing in our own unique experiential methodologies “interspersed in just the right mix with serious business sessions, our Facilitators at Youphoria outbound & Adventure will ensure that these journeys neither get too heavy and unacceptably intense” nor meander into beaten paths that take the team back into old familiar discussions and debates.

So whatever the agenda may be – to arrive on a shared team vision, introspect on important questions like what the leadership team should stand for & project, to explore values within the team, to ideate towards new directions, to align the team to a new leaders directions or relook at the organization strategy, we have played our own small role in ensuring that our clients go back with a feeling of the offsite having made a real, tangible difference to their objectives.

The long list of senior teams who come back to us year after year is a testimony, that we can make a difference to these meetings.

  • Team alignment – Building Synergy in Teams

Teamwork seems the most natural thing to most people – and yet, it is something that needs deliberate effort and intent to make it happen. The biggest challenge for Team leaders is to get everyone in the team aligned towards the same goals – and share the same values.

While building alignment and a great team is an endeavor that needs patience, time and effort – it is possible to put the team on a fast track towards this goal by a facilitated session of Lego Serious Play that builds engagement in the most non-intrusive ways.

A great way to build self-managed & well-aligned teams

 White Water Rafting Like a seasoned white water Rafting, executive, management, project teams must operate in a dynamic environment, where objectives and tasks suddenly change dramatically – and repeatedly. The teams must be alert and flexible, share ideas transparently, be self-motivating and comprise individuals who mesh together.
 Lego series Play We help you build, revitalize and maintain the kind of teams that will perform effectively without needing well-defined processes, instructions and rules to guide them. We do NOT take you rafting, or mountain climbing. Our approach is to deal with your issues at hand. Our Real Team approaches with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method let teams’ un-stick old habits, resolve disagreements, clarify roles and integrate diverse cultures.
 Complex bridge For any team things can look and feel complex at ground level. We move your team toward a clear understanding of how it must operate in the future to perform optimally now. As a result of the workshop the team will both have accomplished their acute task objectives and have a strategy for staying on track, so they don’t lose sight of the larger picture or take a wrong turn.

Bringing together their experience in industry with knowledge of group facilitation techniques and the Lego Serious Play methodology, YOUPHORIA Facilitators help hand-hold your team to take the step-by-step journey in helping achieve alignment in your Team.

Contact us: today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

The leadership challenge® Does leadership make a difference?

Your business environment that once got tougher year after year now gets tougher day after day. Surviving in a changing economy and marketplace, working more efficiently, delivering solid customer service, meeting the demands of organizational stakeholders, and maintaining quality control are just a few of the key issues you face. Gaining a competitive advantage in light of these challenges is essential for survival. That’s why your leaders from executives to individual contributors need effective skills to propel your organization to new heights.

These skills can help every employee:

  • Contribute and communicate effectively
  • Feel valued and capable in their jobs
  • Build collaboration, personal initiative, and trust
  • Develop their ability to manage people and projects
  • Understand their role in the big picture of organizational success

The Genuine Leadership® system provides a systemic approach to leadership development training – one that builds a motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of productivity. The system develops leaders from executives to individual contributors and teaches the critical skills needed to ensure success.

Achieve Global approaches the organization at four management levels, each requiring their own unique development needs. The levels are then divided into skill areas, with each containing one or more leadership development training modules.
What it reveals is that leadership is not the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women. It is a process ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others. What it has also shown dramatically over the years is that people make extraordinary things happen by liberating the leader within everyone.
The promise that The Leadership Challenge® holds forth and the lessons it teaches is that: Leaders do exhibit certain distinct practices when they are doing their best. This process varies little from industry to industry, profession to profession, community to community, country to country. Good leadership is an understandable and a universal process. Though each leader is a unique individual, there are patterns to the practice of leadership that are shared. And that can be learned.

The key learning from The Leadership Challenge is that when getting extraordinary things done in organizations, leaders engage in these Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

  • Model the Way.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision.
  • Challenge the Process.
  • Enable Others to Act.
  • Encourage the Heart.

Through an immersive workshop experience that involves a mixture of introspection, discussion, debate, sharing of experiences, stories from around the world and experiential activities, YOUPHORIA OUTBOUND & ADVENTURE  brings to life this powerful paradigm – to make a difference to all participants who embark on this enthralling journey.

The outcomes that the workshop seeks to achieve with the participants are:

  • Identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses.
  • Clarify and communicate their fundamental values and beliefs.
  • Set the example for others by aligning their actions with shared values.
  • Express their images of the future.
  • Inspire others to share a common vision.
  • Search for opportunities to change and improve.
  • Experiment with innovative ideas and learn from accompanying mistakes.
  • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust.
  • Strengthen the ability of others to excel.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others.
  • Apply the lessons learned in the workshop to a current organizational challenge.

If you are looking at putting your team through a leadership workshop, that is very practical and meaningful to each one of them – with a methodology that is highly experiential, Youphoria Outbound & Adventure invites you to take The Leadership Challenge® !

Contact us: today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

“The Leadership Challenge®” and “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons.

  • Leadership prospective –  


Here is a question for you: “When was the last time you did something for the first time”? If you have never experienced Scuba-Diving, you really are missing out on an ocean (literally!) of adventure and the associated treasure-trove of knowledge.

Executive Presence – 5 qualities of leaders who have it!

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey have it, so does Narendra Modi. What is it in some leaders that make us sit up and take notice? Simply put, executive presence is the ability of a leader/executive to make their presence felt, be it in an election camp

How to FLOW towards High Performance

“of all secrets of the river, Siddhartha today only saw one: this water ran and ran, incessantly it ran, and was nevertheless always there, was always and at all times the same and yet new in every moment!” –  Herman Hesse

Smartphone Leadership – 4 Tips for leading with a smart phone!

One of the things we love about our work is the opportunity to have conversations with various business leaders about the challenges they face. In one such recent conversation, a business leader raised this interesting topic – with teams becoming more achieving.

Situational Awareness in Facilitation

We always concentrate on thing, things instead – some people has the ability or gift like photographic but it’s not the everyone, knowing the situation is a half covered part of situation handled, People fails to concentrate on many repeated activities just because preoccupied mind.

  • Key notes

Have very little time at hand; say just two hours – which you want to plug in with an interesting speaker session? And you are worried that conventional speakers could put people to sleep?

Look no further than Youphoria Outbound & Adventure!

Our Youphoria Outbound & Adventure facilitators, bring in their vast experience in handling small, large & multicultural groups, to do speaker sessions that will not just get you thinking – but will also get your entire team engaged in a meaningful way.

Our experience in working with a large variety of corporate clients, across a spectrum of industries, helps us cross-pollinate ideas and bring in perspectives that our clients have always found very useful. We speak on a wide variety of topics that include:

  • What motivates people at work?
  • Understanding how Innovation happens
  • I hate Negotiations!
  • The buck stops with you – Delegating effectively!
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Conversations that matter – how to have them?
  • Managing the hourglass – Time Management
  • What are you communicating?
  • Values in action – relevance of core values
  • Find your funny bone – having a sense of humor in life
  • The Power of PLAY!
  • Are you showing any “value” in your sales call?
  • Finding your own “OOPS” in life – life lessons from an inspirational journey

Where would these kinds of sessions make most sense?

  • In internal meetings
  • In sales conferences
  • In office town hall meetings
  • In channel partner events
  • Annual company meets
  • Industry forums
  • Well, actually anytime you want a different point of view!

So, do try us out – the next time you need an engaging session for your team. Just a caveat – we are not the chest thumping variety, but we will keep you completely engaged for sure!


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