Fashion show

Put your Swagger on the runway – along with your magic dress, in The Fashion Show Game is high couture of creativity that culminates in a runway-style fashion show. Craft the outfit of your dreams and be the beauty pageant!


The Fashion Show Game is a creativity rapid exercise is involvement of different phases. In the first, teams face off in a cultural based Fashion Quiz to compete/bidding for materials. Materials/props can range from glitter to other designed craft to artificial plants. Answer questions quickly and correctly to collect the supplies your team needs.

After that, teams are given an hour to design their outfits and make them come to life. Every seam and every stitch counts, as players race to meet the deadline.

Once teams have finished their outfits, players come together for a wild and truly out-there fashion show. Each team selects a member to model their design and another to narrate its features. Outfits are judged for style, creativity, and function in this laugh-packed event. Remember – only one team can be crowned kings and queens of the catwalk!

Prompt conversations, spark laughter, and forge lasting memories with the team building power of The Fashion Show Game.

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