Domino Effect

Who will have the steadier hand? What are the greater ideas for creativity and innovation? Will your team be able to ensure that every element is going to work; it might be a good idea to do some prototyping before the final event! The Domino Effect is truly fun, exciting with strong underlying team building elements of communication planning and collaboration.

The Challenge

Each team will be charged with creating their very own giant Domino masterpiece, each with their own intricacies and adaptations.

Program outline

The first part of the activity will require teams to compete for various items that will be included in their domino structure such as light bulbs, books, balls and pins. Depending on how teams fare in these early challenges will determine how simple their final task becomes.

Once this initial competition has ceased each team will be given their dominos and all materials they have earned to build a masterpiece, following all the parameters that are in place, that eventually will pop their balloon. The beauty of this is that every piece of the puzzle counts and if one small item should fail, then the whole thing falls apart.

The Domino Effect has a great debrief and can be pulled apart in a fun and constructive way. It has the added advantage of being able to finish with a win/win, ensuring all teams take part in the final conclusion.

Who will have the steadier hand??

Dominoes falling Domino Effects

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