Program outline Bringing business objectives, product launches and key messages to life in a fun way. Are you familiar with stop motion animation? It’s the technique of moving an object in small increments between individually photographed frames to create the illusion of movement when the frames are played in a continuous sequence. Animate is a fun and Read more about Animated[…]

Team Torque

There are few ways to bring people closer together than by building a wicked speed machine and pitting your team against each other, that’s why we came up with Team Torque. Perhaps you’d like to impress your clients with your engineering skills and a day at the race track or perhaps you would like to Read more about Team Torque[…]

Flat Out Rickshaw

There’s nothing quite like a rickshaw rally to bring a team closer together. However, it’s not a simple as climbing aboard and pounding the roads. Teams taking part in this outdoor event will be tested to their limits and expected to demonstrate cohesive team work, strategy and planning skills and time management to build a cardboard constructed rickshaw that Read more about Flat Out Rickshaw[…]

Raft Building

Flat Out – Afloat is a unique team building activity that celebrates overcoming the seemingly impossible. The challenge is inspired by a Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer named Thor Heyedahl. In 1947 he sailed a balsawood raft 4,300 miles from Peru to Polynesia to prove that ancient seafarers could survive long sea journeys. 101 days after launching the Read more about Raft Building[…]

Flat Out Bicycle

The Flat Out Formula-1 is an adrenaline-fueled team building tasks that challenges participants to build and race their very own bicycle.  Modeled after the pinnacle of racing engineering the team must communicate and collaborate to complete this almost full-scale bicycle. Project Management skills play a central role during the very complex construction process as time and individual Read more about Flat Out Bicycle[…]

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the divide is a hands-on design and construction team building exercise with a collaborative edge. Limited resources, time limitations and communication barriers must be overcome in order for teams to build bridges to their customer expectations. A huge company bridge is built by combining the individual bridges. The assembled Company bridge is then tested by a Read more about Bridging The Gap[…]

Chain Reaction

Get caught up in a Chain Reaction. This invention based team building game asks participants to design and physically construct an intricate set of reactions using limited resources and time. An introduction to the task emphasizes the importance of planning out a practical strategy early on in order to be able to manage people and resources efficiently.  Read more about Chain Reaction[…]

Time Bond

Description Place objects numbered 1-20 in a circle made from rope (or on a table, etc) to make your calculator.   Have the group stand “on base” in a different area 15-20 feet away from the calculator. Explain to the group that they must start and finish on base. Once you say,”Go,” the group must Read more about Time Bond[…]

Dare | Prank

Dare or Prank is a game required minimum 5 and more player, Game start with instructions, The whole group would be divided into small group each group allot a single task that everyone has to perform in order to complete the task. Skills Required: Creativity, Situation handling, embarrassment, Tolerance. Steps Involved: Out of five player Read more about Dare | Prank[…]

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